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Live. Breathe. Move.
Your clothes are more than just a fashion statement—they are you.

I Feet U proudly introduces six new products that will change the way you look and feel in your clothing.


Provides thermal comfort without bulk

DRY Fabric created with textured nylon Amni® and Lycra®, with balanced elasticity providing thermal comfort

  • Rapid transfer of heat and moisture between the body, the fabric and environment
  • Soft to the touch, "easy-care" machine wash, quick drying and no need to iron
  • UPF rated 50+, providing UV protection of 98% per 100 rays, proven and tested by Australian agency ARSPANA.


    Oder fighting T-shirt – Stays fresher, longer

    When applied to fabric, FRESH inhibits the growth of micro-organisms and provides greater protection against odors caused through sweat, bacteria, molds, and fungi.

    FRESH helps clothes stay clean longer, and requires less washing—promoting the economical consumption of energy, water, and detergents—while extending the life of the clothing.


    Fights cellulite – Stimulates collagen production

    Introducing PERFORM, a revolutionary new fabric used in our tights, leggings, and tops.

    Bioactive crystals comprise the fabric’s DNA. It absorbs body heat and transfers it back to the body in the form of infrared rays, increasing blood circulation and stimulate collagen production - resulting in smoother, younger looking skin.

    • Reduces signs of cellulite (if used greater than 6 hours) & muscle fatigue
    • Increases cell metabolism, skin elasticity & sports performance
    • Rapid thermal equilibrium. Lower lactate accumulation

    PERFORM not only makes you look and feel great; it is easy to wash, dries quickly, and does not require ironing.

    * After three years of research, this revolutionary fabric was approved by ANVISA.


    Pants and jackets with built-in insect repellant

    Mosquitoes are not only annoying they are also capable of transmitting active or passive diseases. Fabrics treated with anti-mosquito protection can be used for recreational sports and activities. Clothing treated with the synthetic insecticide PERMETRINA provide protection such as:

    • Repellent
    • Hot feet (insects landing on the treated fabric will sense the active substance)
    • Knockout effect (should the insect remain on the fabric a chilling effect ensues, causing death)
    • Approved by standard 100 of Oko-tex. Meets standards for ADI
    • Meets standard of ADI (acceptable daily intake) set by WHO (World Health Organization).


    Alleviates Pain

    Sportswear created with RECOVER fabric is breathable, highly elastic, and easily accommodates muscle movement while providing compression and remaining flexible. It can be worn both before and during workouts, and has been shown to increase blood flow and alleviate pain caused by muscle micro-trauma.

    RECOVER is UPF rated 50+ and provides a UV protection of 98% per 100 rays. It has been tested and proven by the Australian agency ARSPANA.

    Properties of RECOVER:
    • Preventative in nature and developed to alleviate pain caused by muscle micro-trauma.
    • Researched and developed to provide increased blood flow and a balance between the compressive effect and thermal exchange.
    • Threading constructed similar to the shape of a spring with polyamide and elastane yarn, ensuring comfortable compression.
    • Texture decreases drag when in contact with the skin, stabilizing the micro-climate which reduces the effects of "sticky" humidity caused by the body.


    Fabric that flows

    LITE is an extremely fine fabric manufactured with polyamide microfiber and Lycra® fabric, with a very smooth and light elasticity and extremely soft to the touch. It feels like the finest silk.

  • LITE have UPF rated 50+, providing UV protection of 98% per 100 rays, proven and tested by Australian agency ARSPANA.