Company Name: I FEET U.

I FEET U LLC was established in (September of 2014)in United States of America. At first intent for I FEET U was to be a socks line for yoga and pilates. The founder, Designer and Creator Cleonice Vieira Portilho who is a native Brazilian arrived in the U.S. in 2004. After this young and vibrant woman had one thing in mind. Her creative vision was comprised of innovative and unique athletic clothing line for both woman and men in the US market place. Therefore transforming the line into what it is today. This made total sense to Cleonice as Brazil is known for having one of the largest most extensive beach and gym wear making this right up her alley. Even thou the sock line has yet to arrive in the US Market place. The IFEETU name (I FIT U) was still catchy so, she decided to keep it for the clothing line as well.

All IFEETU fabrics are produce in Brazil with the innovative and technologically advance fabrics Polyamide and Elastane. Polyamide is know for it's abrasion resistance and absorbs moisture. It also known for good resistance properties in the fabric while maintaining the stability of shape. The level of softness and flexibility always allowing the maximum level of freedom in movement. Fast drying keeping the body dry. Highly breathable, comfortable training. Colour fastness which maintains the color in all fabrics with many washes. Hly breathable, comfortable training.